Travelers recently ranked Baia do Sancho the number one beach in the world. What’s so special about it? Lets start with the sparkling emerald water, soft white sand, the amazing coral reefs, and the absolute seclusion that makes visitors feel like they are on an exclusive stretch of paradise. The seclusion is due in part to the challenges in reaching it. A stroll down a dirt trail, a climb down a ladder through the rock wall, and several sandy steps, well worth the effort when you arrive in the lagoon. A second way to reach the beach is by sea, with a good chance of being accompanied by dolphins as you near the cliffs that surround the area. The crystal clear water is ideal for snorkeling with over 200 species of fish, 5 shark species, dolphins, sea turtles and even an occasional octopus sighting. The area is home to the largest concentration of tropical seabirds and has more resident dolphins than anywhere else in the world. Many resorts in the area offer guided excursions which include access by boat, with snorkeling experiences at the reefs.