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Using Travel Insurance to Combat Winter Weather Issues

Using Travel Insurance to Combat Winter Weather Issues

Concierge Realty’s New Travel Insurance Plans Keep Clients from Being Left Out in the Cold


If you reside on the East coast of the United States, it should come as no surprise that recent bouts with inclement weather have had an adverse effect on the travel industry.  For example, on Thursday, February 13, over 6,200 flight cancellations and another 3,700 delays left many travelers stranded as another major snow storm pounded the East Coast.  These delays do not only pose as a threat to a well-planned itinerary. They pose a threat to the traveler’s wallet as well.

At Concierge Realty, we have heard many a story of trips being interrupted or inconvenienced due to unforeseen circumstances. Such circumstances can range from extreme weather to family issues, and beyond.  With this in mind, we are expanding our services to include sales of travel insurance to our clients.  It is important to recognize that your flight and plans are your investment, and that investment deserves to be protected. By purchasing travel insurance ahead of time, clients will also be purchasing peace of mind. They can  feel free to boldly schedule themselves without worry, whether for leisure or for  business.

There is a wide variety of plans to choose from, which allows the client to personalize their coverage to his or her specific needs.  For weather-related coverage, travelers should consider the following options:

Trip Cancellation: This coverage will help our clients recoup any pre-paid, nonrefundable expenses related to their trip if you cancel their plans due to a delay of 24-48 hours or more. Keep in mind the exact time frame your plan specifies.

Trip Delay: This protection allows our clients  to file for reimbursement of unexpected expenses they might incur as a result of a shorter (but still significant) delay- usually 6 hours or more.  If they need to purchase meals, for example, or pay for overnight lodging to avoid sleeping on the airport benches, travel delay coverage can help cover those incidental costs.

Trip Interruption:  This is a benefit that offers travelers reimbursement of their pre-paid, non-refundable expenses should their travels be unexpectedly interrupted or cut short.

Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR): This is a specific type of travel insurance coverage which offers travelers the opportunity to change their plans for reasons other than those that are listed as “covered reasons” on their travel insurance policies. While most travel insurance policies will provide benefits only if clients cancel their trip for a reason that’s listed in the policy details, CFAR allows them to bypass that list. This gives clients greater flexibility and freedom of choice when they are making important decisions about following through with their travel plans.

Airport delay

In many cases, these plans can be grouped together in comprehensive plans. We know our clients at Concierge Realty are some of the brightest and travel-savvy businesspeople and professionals out there, and take their travel costs very seriously, whether for business or for pleasure. To help them protect these important investments, we advise that they consider a travel insurance plan for themselves.


For clients who are interested in travel insurance, please contact your Concierge Realty Agent.



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