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Tips For Surviving a Long Flight

Tips For Surviving a Long Flight


Prep Your Entertainment
Fully charge all of your devices the night before. Download movies or seasons of your favorite shows on iTunes. If a plane has wifi, which most longer flights do today, you can use Netflix while in the air.Also, invest in a nice pair of headphones. This will make sure you have comfort and quality your entire trip.

Get Comfortable
Change into a super comfortable outfit before you board. Layers are always a good idea. This way you are prepared for a hot or cold plane. Also, bring a pair of socks for when the plane gets cold and you don’t want to be barefoot. Lastly, it’s always helpful to bring a big sweatshirt that can double as a pillow.

How To Actually Get Some Sleep
Chamomile tea is actually quite helpful in assisting people with sleep. Add a nice neck pillow and eye mask to the sleep equation and you’re golden. If available, use the airline provided pillow as a lower back support, your own neck pillow to cradle your head, and use steeped chamomile teabags (wrapped in tissues) as compresses for your eyes before you slip the eye mask on top.  The skin under your eyes is the most delicate, and this tip significantly helps keep your eyes hydrated in flight.

Quench Your Thirst
Hydration is everything. Purchase a large water at the airport prior to boarding and throughout the flight see if the flight attendants can refill for you. A water mister is great for your face mid flight to get a nice clean feeling. Evian makes a good water spray.

Stay Healthy
Planes are incubators for viruses, so it’s all about prevention. Wipe down your arm rests, seat belt fasteners, tray table, window pull, and wall next to you seat with sanitizing towelettes.  Add airborne to your water bottle pre flight to prevent catching anything.

Pre-pack THIS
An in-flight toiletry case with the basics (toothbrush and toothpaste, your eyeglasses, face care items, chapstick, hand cream, a spare set of contacts) is something you should have with you on any flight longer than 5 hours.

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