1. Never buy a suitcase bigger than carry- on and you’ll never be tempted to over pack.
  2. Roll your clothing into cylinder shapes, piece by piece, for extra room.
  3. Wear as much of your bulky clothing as you can on the plane. This way you won’t have to stuff it in your bag.
  4. Pick cross-compatible color palettes. This way you can form more outfits out of less clothing.
  5. Ball up your socks and underwear, then stick them inside of your shoes.
  6. Don’t pack the easy toiletries (shampoo and conditioner). Buy them at your destination in travel sizes and toss them before you head home.
  7. Download any books to an iPad or smart phone. Books can take up space and add a lot of extra weight to your luggage.
  8. Ladies, are you sick of packing jewelry and doing a 30 minute untangling act when you reach your destination? Lay out your jewelry on a piece of Glad Press’n Seal, then press another piece on top! (pictured below) Say good bye to that messy jewelry bag, and hello to a simple pleasure.
  9. Lay out full outfits before putting anything into your bag. This way you can pick out articles of clothing that have no match and leave them at home.