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Timeshare vs. Hotels: Which is Right for You?

Timeshare vs. Hotels: Which is Right for You?

If you dream of traveling to amazing places around the world but lack a deep pocketbook, timeshares for rent may be your best option. These accommodations offer many advantages over hotel rooms, especially if you plan to stay a week or more at your destination. A timeshare from Concierge Realty can be like a second home with several bedrooms, TVs in each room and kitchen facilities. They are especially beneficial for families traveling on a budget.

Timeshare Accommodation vs. Hotel Accommodation

In most cases, timeshare accommodations are much more spacious than hotel rooms. If you have children or multiple guests, this is a big advantage. At some hotels, you may have to book multiple ¬†rooms, significantly raising your cost. Furthermore, many timeshares have kitchens with refrigerators, ovens and microwaves. This can significantly reduce your vacation costs as you’ll be able to prepare food rather than eat out for every meal. Unfortunately, most hotel rooms do not have kitchens.

Standard Timeshare Features

Unless you stay in an expensive suite, hotel lodging usually includes just one room. Timeshares from Concierge Realty offer much more comfort. They often have one, two or three bedrooms, a separate dining and living area, full kitchen, and a washer and dryer. If you take regular vacations, timeshares for rent in a luxury resort will offer an incredible value, and give you the best bang for your buck.

Benefits for Business Travelers

Timeshares rentals are available in major cities around the world such as New York, Seattle, Boston, London and Berlin. You can rent them for just one night or for a longer period if you are on a business trip or attending a convention. In addition to the spacious accommodations, these urban timeshares often feature spas and whirlpool tubs. Many timeshare resorts also have on-site nightclubs with live entertainment. If you would like to bring your family on your business trip, renting a timeshare is the perfect solution because your accommodations will be more like an apartment than a hotel room. You’ll be able to save money while getting a premium resort experience. Furthermore, you’ll be able to plan last-minute stays without paying any added charges or rate increases.

Whether you are planning a vacation or a business trip, renting a timeshare from Concierge Realty offers many advantages over a hotel room. You’re sure to enjoy an unforgettable travel experience.

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