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The Owners Rental Process

The Owners Rental Process

Our goal is to make the rental process fast and easy. We want our owners using our timeshare rental service each and every year that they are not traveling. The following information is a step by step process a typical timeshare Concierge Realty.

The first step is to have a verbal agreement from both the owner and the renter on the terms of the timeshare rental. Once we have verbal agreements, we will prepare contracts and email them to both parties. Depending on how soon the check in date is, we will put a 1 to 3 business time frame on when the contracts have to be signed and faxed back or scanned and emailed back to Concierge Realty. Once we have signed contracts from bothe owner and the renter, we are ready to move to step two.

This next step is for the renter to make payment to Concierge Realty for the rental of the timeshare period. As an owner, you just have to wait for us to receive the payment. The payment can take anywhere from 2 days to 7 days, depending on the arrangements made with the renter. Options for payment include, PayPal, wire transfer, or check by mail. Most renters who are renting a timeshare with a check in of more than 15 days out, send a check by mail. Once Concierge Realty has collected the payment, we deposit the payment into our account. It usually takes 24 hours to clear the bank but can take 3 to 4 business days if the funds are coming internationally. We are now ready to move to step three.

Now that Concierge Realty has signed contracts from both parties and cleared funds from the renter, we are ready for the owner to get a confirmation. At this point we will ask the owner to contact the owner services department with their timeshare company and add the name of the guest/renter to the reservation. Also, you should ask your representitive with owner services to forward an email confirmation right away with the changes. Once you receive the email, simply forward it to your agent. Concierge realty will then send you a check for the net amount agreed upon in the contract. Please be aware that we charge a $20 processing fee for the contract process and fee collection.

Renting your timeshare through Concierge Realty is fast and easy. We have had our real estate attorneys and many of the great attorneys who rent their personal timeshares using Concierge Realty’s rental service, help us to develop a rental contract that follows all legal guidlines and really protects an owner and their best interest. It is the same contract that our very own Michelle Donato, broker/owner of Concierge Realty, uses to rent her timeshares.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas you may have to improve or add to our process.

Michelle Donato

Lic. Real Estate Broker/Owner

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