August 17, 2013

We usually book our vacation through our timeshare which is a stress free way of planning. We put in requests, then just pack and go. This last vacation was the first time in a very long time we actually had to “book” our own hotel. It was a frustrating, stress filled experience to say the least. The turmoil of researching hotels, not knowing the area, and the countless phone calls, texts, emails that were not returned. Dead ends and “no care” attitudes were everywhere … I swear I aged during the experience.

Then you came along- with your positive attitude, and “go get em” professional way of handling things. The fact that you went above and beyond to help both the owners and us was not lost on us. My guess is that your boss is aware of the value you bring to your company, but let this be a friendly reminder. I normally don’t go writing letters or sending pictures …there was something special that “touched” me during this very straightforward act of simply booking a vacation. Yes, it was my compassion for the timeshare owners situation, but it was also my experience with you in booking it. Simply put … you were a diamond in the rough. Thank you for that!