February 5, 2019

Don Smith: I use them and all have gone well. Highly recommended!

Donna Belo Givens: Ditto that! No problem at all using them. They do the work for you and you collect the check at the end.

George Hennessy: I purchased twice. Everything went smooth…

Janie Becker: Yes! Very professional

Johnna DiScipio: Yes and They were very good. We used Julie

Elaine G Klein Smith: Yes. Very professional and they made the whole process easy. Marriott has the Right of Refusal and they handled that. Worth their fee.

Carol Heenan: Yes we had Michelle Denado the transaction went very smoothly

Joanne Cohen: I did as well. All was fine

Mimi Shore Bromberg: They are excellent!

Kevin W. Lally: I did, several years ago. Michelle Donato handled the sale. We were completely satisfied with her handling of the sale, Excellent price and very smooth process. I would recommend her to anyone…

Joanna Tutrone-Bendick: I’ve rented through them. Same person. No issues.