E HEʻENALU KĀKOU! – “Let’s Surf!”
The Hilton Grand Vacation Club Hawaiian Village is on Waikiki’s widest stretch of white sand beach with the Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon. This is the birthplace of surfing.

If you want to learn how to surf, there really is no better place than Waikiki. The waves are normally gentle rollers that offer a smooth, long ride. Also, there are no vicious undertows or rogue waves in this protected bay. It is because of the excellent surfing conditions in Waikiki that surfing legends like the famous Duke Kahanamoku used the surf in Waikiki as a personal surfing playground.

Surf lessons in Waikiki are without a doubt one of the most popular activities in Hawaii. Learning to surf in Waikiki is a unique and fun experience, lessons are offered for all skill levels. If you have never been on a surfboard in your life, or even if you have some experience in surfing, Waikiki Beach is the place to be.