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Studies Show that “Vacation Days” are Not Being Used for Vacation

Studies Show that “Vacation Days” are Not Being Used for Vacation

The Reality

We understand! Working a full schedule with a family and other obligations close to home does not lend a ton of wiggle room when it comes to planning a vacation. Now more than ever, the United States has seen work hours increase in many workplaces, as well as workers taking on more responsibility due to tighter budgets. But at least there are vacation days…right? According to recent studies by Expedia and tourism experts in Ocean City, Maryland, most Americans are not using their allotted vacation days for vacation at all.

The Results

Instead of utilizing vacation days as time to rejuvenate or adventure into new experiences, many Americans are using this precious time for mundane errands. In the aforementioned study conducted in Ocean City, Maryland, we learned that residents are using vacation time to run errands, attend doctors’ appointments, and make home improvements. In fact, 70% of participants are using at least some vacation time on these activities. Furthermore, 30% of residents polled took time off work to schedule appointments with maintenance workers (plumbers, electricians, etc.), while 16% used this time to clean up around the house. A study conducted by Expedia lead to similar conclusions. Though Americans receive an average of 17 vacation days per year, 37 percent of those surveyed said they will not take all of their vacation days this year

The Answer

I think we can all relate to these numbers in some way. We have our responsibilities built into our daily lives, and it is important that we take care of them. And certainly some relaxing days at home can be helpful in coping with a tough week at the office. But what if you had one week where you could just hit the “pause” button, and try something completely different? At Concierge Realty, we can find you your “dream week” in a variety of ways. We have villas available in a wide variety of destinations, and we will make sure your accommodations fit the needs of your travel party and your budget. We have two great ways that you can book your week with us!

Seize The Week

Many of our clients have had success finding their escape by renting an unused week that belongs to one of our owners. By renting an unused timeshare week, you will be sure to save money and still receive the same amenities and privileges as vacation club members. By booking through Concierge Realty, you will be able to afford a week in a luxurious villa with a complete kitchen and multiple bedrooms for the price of a hotel room. Weeks are available year- round, and while many of our clients rent their weeks months in advance, great deals can still be found last minute for our more spontaneous travelers. So where will it be? Will you and your friends choose to snorkel in Maui, ski the slopes in Aspen, or play a round of golf in Hilton Head? These are just a few of destinations available for your week. Call Concierge Realty or search the website for your ideal vacation, and don’t be afraid to seize the week!

Stake Your Claim

Have you ever gone on vacation and wished you could stay there forever? Whether it is the temperature, the food, the people, or the amazing sights and attractions, some places just feel like home. If you have fallen in love with a vacation spot and wish to return there, perhaps you should consider purchasing a timeshare through Concierge Realty. By purchasing ownership with us, not only can you have the vacation of your dreams year after year, you can also save a great deal. Furthermore, if you find that you cannot use your week that year, we will get your week rented, and earn you some cash in return. If you feel attached to your favorite destination, why not show it? Stake your claim in paradise with Concierge Realty!


As much as we like to think of ourselves by our job titles and stay committed to the work and daily routine that we have become accustomed to, we have to remember that we are human, too. Most work schedules give us a handful of days a year to get away and enjoy ourselves, and there is a reason for that. Our brains and bodies need new experiences and time to relax in order to stay sharp and productive. So as important as our work is to us, it is just as important to let go once in a while, and use our free time wisely. Instead of sitting home waiting for the plumber to come, or waiting in line at the grocery store, or waiting for your appointment with the dentist, you could be having the time of your life. Give us a call today.


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