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St. Martin Spotlight

St. Martin Spotlight

Destination Spotlight: St. Martin / Sint Maarten

A Brief History of the Island

The first people to settle here were the Arawak Tribe who left their homes in South America and ventured North along the chain of islands in the Caribbean. They named the island “Sualouiga” meaning “Land of Salt” brackish water they found here. A number of artifacts from this period are held at the St.Martin Museum: On the Trail of the Arawaks. The Arawaks were later supplanted by a more aggressive Carib tribe, for whom the entire Caribbean is named.

Eventually, Columbus and the Spanish claimed the Island as they did several other locations in the Carribean. Aside from asserting title to the place, the Spanish never took much interest in St.Martin. The Dutch, seeking an outpost halfway between their colonies in Brazil and Nieue Amsterdam (now New York), occupied the island in 1631.  The French also began using the island as a trading stop, and after several feuds, the two nations decided to split the Island with the Treaty of Concordia in 1648. The border was disputed several times since, but it now consists of the French maintaining the northern “half” of 21 square miles (named St. Martin), and the Dutch maintaining the southern “half” of 16 square miles.

After years of serving as primarily a trade post and crop land, the Dutch began to use the island for tourism in the 1950’s. Soon, the French would follow suit. Now in 2014, St. Martin/St. Maarten is regarded as one of the hottest vacation spots on the planet!

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Natural Wonder of St. Martin

Nestled amidst the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, St. Martin sports over 43 miles of incredible coastline.  The beaches range from quaint and family friendly, to rugged and untouched, to classy and fun resort locales.


At a little over a quarter-mile high, Pic Paradis is the highest point on St. Martin. Those who venture to the summit will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the island, its neighboring islands, and the vast turquoise sea.


The Loterie Farm on the hillside of Pic Paradis is an impressive nature reserve, covering a little more than 7,500 acres of land and sea. Designated a special zone for the preservation of certain species, this unique place offers a zip-line forest adventure for young and old alike to explore the reserve.


The waters just offshore of St. Martin are ideal diving excursions. The crystal clear waters allow for with visibility down to 300 feet below the surface. You will be astounded by the plentiful aquatic wildlife, such as multicolored fish, rays, turtles, seashells and crustaceans, coral and marine plants.

Hot Spots of St. Martin

Marina Fort Louis, easily accessible by ocean and located in the capital of French St. Martin, accommodates some of the largest yachts.


Known as the ‘Saint Tropez of the Caribbean’ Orient Bay is a favorite playground of celebrities and jet-setters. It offers a full range of tourist amenities, including beach restaurants, hotels, shops and water sports. A nudist beach can be found at the extreme south of the bay.


Located at the heart of a picturesque fishing village of the same name, Grand Case Bay is a long beach with clear, calm blue waters. The village is home to a wide variety of restaurants, and is also the site of some Carnival festivities.


The island of St. Martin offers two opportunities to experience Carnival. The French side celebrates in February, while the Dutch side celebrates in late April/early May. Carnival in St. Martin features plenty of activities to keep you entertained –- local troop parades, music, face-painting, and music and costume contests.

In Review

As you can see, the island of St. Martin/Sint Maarten is a picturesque paradise. Boasting a fine combination of sophistication, gorgeous natural splendor, and classic island charm. As of this year, Concierge Realty has timeshare properties available for rental and resale at this amazing island. Give us a call next time you are looking to escape the oridinary and want to give the island life a try!

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