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Westgate Lakes

10000 Turkey Lake Rd, Orlando Florida 32819 USA

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    Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa offers comfortable one-bedroom/two-bath timeshare units and spacious two-, three-, or four-bedroom Grand Villas that sleep up to 16 people. All timeshare villas include a large-screen TV with VCR in the living area and master bedroom, private terrace, and washer/dryer. Some villas feature fully equipped kitchens and whirlpools. Resort amenities include an 18-hole miniature golf course, arcade, basketball court, bicycle rentals, heated swimming pools, and marina. The highlight of your stay will be a trip to Papillon the Spa. This 10,000 square foot facility offers the latest in cardio and weight training equipment, an exercise studio for fitness classes, saunas, steam rooms, and whirlpools. However, the ultimate in relaxation is a spa treatment amid Papillon's Grecian decor with bubbling fountains, soft candlelight, aromas of lavender and rose, and soothing music. Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa offers many culinary delights right on site. Sink your teeth into a "cowboy size" steak at Westgate Smokehouse Grill, grab a sandwich at Sid's Deli, or order a large pepperoni from Pizza Hut. An on-site mini market and gift shop are also available for any necessity you may have forgotten. Westgate lakes Resort & Spa is convenient to Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and Sea World. An hour drive will land you at the Daytona Beach Boardwalk and Pier for a day of rides, food, and fun.

    Resort Location

    10000 Turkey Lake Rd, Orlando Florida 32819 USA

    Inventory Available

    Property IDResortVilla TypeVista TypeSale Price
    SSP1166EWestgate Lakes2 B + 2 B Inquire
    sjmm934Westgate Lakes1 B + 1.5 BVaries $2000.00
    sjmm94302Westgate Lakes4 B + 4 BVaries $850.00
    sjmm500Westgate Lakes3 B + 3 BVaries $3000.00
    SMD965Westgate Lakes2 B + 2 B $1000.00
    SMD969Westgate Lakes2 B + 2 B $1000.00
    SJM*Westgate Lakes3 B + 3 B $295.00
    SMD970Westgate Lakes2 B + 2 B $995.00
    SSP996EWestgate Lakes4 B + 4 B Inquire
    SS1158Westgate Lakes2 B + 2 B $5500.00
    sjmm947Westgate Lakes3 B + 3 BVaries $2800.00
    SSP1595EWestgate Lakes2 B + 2 B Dlx $1500.00
    SMD964Westgate Lakes3 B + 3 B $995.00
    SBM259Westgate Lakes2 B + 2 B Inquire
    SMD962Westgate Lakes2 B + 2 B $550.00
    SSP1010EWestgate Lakes3 B + 3 B Inquire
    SSP135EWestgate Lakes2 B + 2 B $299.00
    S004Westgate Lakes2B + 2B LO Inquire
    SMD967Westgate Lakes4 B + 4 B $1000.00
    sjmm1012Westgate Lakes1 B + 1 B $7000.00
    SSM350Westgate Lakes4 B + 4 B $2995.00
    SMD968Westgate Lakes1 B + 1 B $100.00
    SSM360Westgate Lakes2 B + 2 B $11500.00
    SMD966Westgate Lakes2 B + 2 B $400.00
    S70SSMWestgate Lakes3 B + 3 B $299.00
    SBM199Westgate Lakes2 B + 2 BScenic View $850.00
    SSM062Westgate Lakes1 B + 1 B $10000.00
    RSM692Westgate Lakes $500.00
    SMD963Westgate Lakes $1000.00
    SS1038Westgate Lakes2 B + 2 B $6000.00
    SSP831EWestgate Lakes3 B + 3 B $3000.00
    sjmm1115Westgate Lakes1 B + 2 B $15900.00
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