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Summer Bay

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    Summer Bay Resort offers timeshare accommodations to meet all travelers' needs. Fully furnished one- and two- bedroom condominiums sleep six and surround the world class clubhouse. The resort also features a state-of-the-art fitness center, poolside tiki bar, and comfortably furnished atrium. If water sports get your heart racing, Summer Bay Resort will not disappoint. Jet skiing, water skiing, canoeing, and pontoon boating are all available on the private, spring-fed, 64-acre lake. Also, smaller lakes, an interactive water playground, conveniently located swimming pools, and crystal clean hot tubs are scattered throughout the resort. For you land lovers, tennis, basketball, volleyball, shuffle board and horseshoe courts, and miniature golf are available right on the property. Summer Bay Resort is conveniently located six miles from Walt Disney World with free shuttle service to the Disney theme parks. It is also a mere thirty minute drive from the Universal Studios Orlando Theme Park Complex.

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    25 Town Center Blvd , Clermont, USA

    Inventory Available

    Property IDCheck In DateResortVilla TypeVista TypePrice
    SBM205Summer Bay3 Bedroom 2 Bath PresidentialResort View $950.00
    SMD853Summer Bay3 Bedroom $1000.00
    SSP235ESummer Bay $6000.00
    SMD852Summer Bay $1000.00
    SSP419ESummer Bay2 B + 2 B Inquire
    SSP414ESummer Bay3 B + 3 B Inquire
    SMD844Summer Bay2 B + 2 B $1000.00
    SAS107Summer Bay2 B + 2 BVaries $2900.00
    SBM139Summer Bay $1000.00
    SMD851Summer Bay $1000.00
    SMD858Summer Bay $1000.00
    SMD841Summer Bay $1000.00
    SBM146Summer Bay2 B + 2 B $2500.00
    SMD842Summer Bay1 B + 1 B $1000.00
    SMD856Summer Bay $1000.00
    SBM193Summer Bay2 B + 2 BVaries $2000.00
    SMD846Summer Bay1 B + 1 B $1000.00
    SMD847Summer Bay2 B + 2 B $1000.00
    SMD855Summer Bay2 B + 2 B $1000.00
    SMD839Summer Bay3 Bedroom $1000.00
    SMD843Summer Bay2 B + 2 B $1000.00
    sjmm923Summer Bay2 B + 2 BVaries $1500.00
    sjmm3555Summer Bay2 B + 2 B $850.00
    SMD838Summer Bay $1000.00
    SSP961ESummer Bay Inquire
    sjmm03Summer Bay3 B + 3 BVaries $3000.00
    SMD850Summer Bay2 B + 2 B $1000.00
    SMD849Summer Bay2 B + 2 B $1000.00
    SMD835Summer Bay2 B + 2 B $1000.00
    SSP1020ESummer Bay3 B + 3 B $5000.00
    SMD845Summer Bay $750.00
    SMD857Summer Bay3 Bedroom $750.00
    SMD834Summer Bay $1000.00
    SMD836Summer Bay $1000.00
    SMD848Summer Bay $1000.00
    SMD840Summer Bay2 B + 2 B $1000.00
    RSM00006Summer Bay Inquire
    SMD854Summer Bay1 B + 1 B $1000.00
    SMD837Summer Bay2 B + 2 B $1000.00
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