Perpetrators are contacting potential travelers pretending to be Concierge Realty and are offering rates for rentals which are too good to be true. The best way to protect yourself is to call Concierge Realty directly to speak with the rental agent with whom you are working. Also see to see the photo and biography of the agent with whom you are working. By connecting with your agent through the Concierge Realty telephone connection, you are assured that your rental is in good hands, which are fully licensed by the Florida Real Estate Commission.

Whether you choose to reserve through Concierge Realty or elsewhere, follow these steps to assure that your reservation and funds are secure:

  1. Only work with a licensed broker. While some unlicensed agencies have a good track record, a staggering number of them do not.
  2. Check your agency with the Better Business Bureau.
  3. Speak with your agent through the business telephone number to assure that the agent truly represents the agency.
  4. Never send money without a contract.
  5. Always look at the confirmation to assure that the dates, resort, view, etc. are as indicated in the contract.

Concierge Realty is an industry leader and perpetrators of a recent scam have pretended to be part of the company in an attempt to give their fraudulent actions credibility. If you are contacted by someone claiming to be from Concierge Realty and their email address does not end with, it is a scam. Do not send them any funds and contact us immediately at 888-888-2204.

We’ve recently become aware of a new scam in which perpetrators are contacting guests who inquired about availability through an online advertising service, claiming to be associated with Concierge Realty and saying they have a rental available for the requested resort and dates requested. The rates are below market value, making the guests think that they have secured a very good deal through a reputable agency. They ask you to send money, offering a discount if paid in full with a wire transfer. Unfortunately, there is no rental or reservation.

The scam itself is nothing new, but the perpetrators are becoming bolder and are actually sending contracts appearing to be written by our agents, so it is imperative that you call and speak with your agent prior to sending funds.

As always, we welcome you to contact us at [email protected] with any concerns and will always work to merit the confidence our clients have placed with us.