Concierge Realty is Rewarded for Adhering to “Best Practices” in the Travel Industry


At Concierge Realty, we are proud to announce our recognition as a “certified timeshare reseller” by the National Timeshare Owner’s Association. We consider this an honor and a privilege, as we pride ourselves as your most trusted resource for timeshare re-sales and rentals.  Furthermore, the owner of Concierge Realty, Michelle Donato, has been invited to be on the advisory board of the NTOA. We consider this an honor and a privilege, as we pride ourselves as the most trusted and effective resource for timeshare re-sales and rentals.

The purpose of the National Timeshare Owner’s Association is to help vacation owners enjoy their vacations and the vacation planning process by giving them the proper resources and alerting them of the best businesses to work with in the travel industry.  They are the foremost organization when it comes to educating, advocating, and helping timeshare owners to find resolutions to ownership issues.

For the better part of two decades, the NTOA has assisted timeshare owners, and now can assist them further with their “Member Marketplace” feature. The Member marketplace is designed to give NTOA members a source of trusted businesses that subscribe to NTOA’s best practices. As a member of this marketplace, Concierge Realty has been given the “seal of approval” of the NTOA, positioning us as one of the elite businesses in the travel industry.

The NTOA Advisory board is comprised of individuals with strong management and advisory experience. The purpose of the group is to develop and promote “best practices” within the timeshare community and continue to improve the ownership experience. We are proud of our owner, Michelle Donato, for being invited to serve on this board, and we know that they will benefit from her leadership and experience.

We would like to thank the NTOA for its recognition, and most importantly, thank our clients for their past, present, and future business with us.


For any timeshare owners that are interested in becoming a part of the NTOA, please visit their website:

To read more about the NTOA Advisory board, please check out this page: