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Marriott Vacation Club Destinations

Marriott Vacation Club Destinations

Marriott vacation club destinations is a points-based ownership program which you can purchase an annual allotment of vacation club points. The vacation club points give you the flexibility to stay at any of the Marriott Vacation Club Resorts. 

The Marriott vacation collection is an internal network of Marriott vacation club resorts worldwide.

The vacation club points values are based on the resort location, view, season accommodation size and length of stay. When you are a Marriott timeshare owner in the Marriott vacation club destinations ownership program you can now choose any location and size of the villa and check in on any day you wish. You can stay as long as you want as well.

Your points allocation will replenish every year based on your anniversary date. You can bank and borrow you Marriott’s Destination Club Points. Say your vacation this year require more points than your yearly allotment, you can borrow points from the following years balance to be used towards this year’s vacation. Perhaps your travel plans this year do not require you to use all your points this year, you as a Marriott Destination Club Points owner can bank the rest of your vacation club points for use next year.

When you purchase the Marriott Vacation Club Destination points on the resale market you will receive the exact same ownership as you would from purchasing from the developer. The difference is you will be saving a significant amount when you purchase on the resale market. 

You can add vacation club points at any time. You can achieve different levels of membership. The different level of memebership is, select, executive, President and Chairman status. You can enjoy benefits and book at the Ritz Carlton, luxury cruises, Marriott Bonvoy Elite status upgrade and more.  

As a Marriott timeshare owner enrolled in the Marriott Vacation Club Destination ownership program you will experience dream vacations with all the flexibility you need to make memorial experiences with your loved ones.

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