Take a break from the the heat and take a trip into an ice gallery. Magic Ice is a permanent ice gallery in the world that presents the history of the Caribbean islands. The gallery is located in a 10,000 sq feet old warehouse, with walls and sculptures made of transparent ice. This is great for either individuals or groups, this facility features world-class ice art by renowned artists from around the globe. The sculptures are life-sized, and displayed with a variety of colored lighting so seeing them is a true treat. Many of the sculptures depict people or topics important to Caribbean history, but some are also a bit interactive: there’s a big chair you can sit on, and an ice-block person you can stand behind and pretend you’re encased in ice, among other things. Don’t leave without going down the ice slide at the end which is fun to try out! All in all, this is a nice little diversion from the ordinary, and a super activity for families.