Casa Del Mar is located directly on the finest beaches in Aruba, the Casa Del Mar Resort provides a friendly , family -oriented atomosphere with comfortable accomodations. The perfect Aruba timeshare resort

Casa Del Mar means unforgettable fun under the sun, with beautiful sunsets and so many activities around the resort, such at water excursions, strolling along the beach, eating an drinking at the Seagull Restaurant that is located Oceanside. Casa Del Mar has a pool bar, tennis courts, a kiddy pool along with a fitness center. Casa Del Mar has it all!

Casa Del Mar has Deluxe , private one and two bedroom suites with a balcony terrace. Within a feet from the resort is the Alhambra Casino and Shopping Bazaar.

Staying at this lovely resort you will be guaranteed to make some majical memories for you and your families.

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