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Need help choosing a resort or destination? Check out the Concierge Realty video library for a preview of what your unforgettable vacation will be like at one of the spectacular resorts. These videos highlight the comfort, beauty, and serenity you can expect at each resort.


Looking for a timeshare company you can trust? Authentic testimonials have been provided for you that illustrate the kind of experience you can expect with Concierge Realty. The team at Concierge Realty understands that buying or renting a timeshare can be a frustrating and discouraging experience when dealing with the wrong company. They strive to offer exceptional service and a seamless process with integrity.


Follow the Concierge Realty blog and stay up to date with industry news, get ‘expert’ insight from our staff in regards to different resorts and places to consider. The Concierge Realty blog will encompass a wide variety of topics, so be sure to check it frequently!


Utilize this section of the Concierge Realty website to get some quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions from our current clients regarding the timeshare industry. We decided to share these in a simple, easy-to-read format for YOU!

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The Concierge Realty Team of experts gives you their opinions on the Top Rated Resorts, Top Destinations, Top Caribbean Resorts, Top Luxurious Resorts, Top Rated Developers, Top Ski Resorts, Top Rental Resorts, and Top Summer Destinations. This collaborative list will help you plan your next trip!

Basics of Timeshares

Want to learn more about the Timeshare industry? Click on this section of the Concierge Realty website in which we provide a basic run-down of some of the most commonly discussed terms and procedures about the industry. We also provide some helpful links of information in the ‘Basics of Timeshares’ section.

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