Have you ever dreamt of going on a submarine? Have you ever been on a submarine and want to share that experience with your family and friends? I know, living-it-up in Oahu, at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, is easy and fun and full of exciting entertainment, try to venture out to Atlantis Submarines one day. It is just five minutes from the resort. This is an amazing underwater adventure you will never forget!

In 1994, the founder and president of Atlantis Submarines, Dennis Hurd, launched the Atlantis XIV off the coast of Oahu. The Atlantis XIV is his and the world’s largest passenger submarine. Mr. Hurd and his team have a special love and respect for Oahu and have worked diligently to rebuild the underwater reef structures. Since hurricanes of the past have destroyed the protective coral cover, they have mixed these artificial reefs with nature to protect and bring the marine life back to the Atlantis Reef.

Diving more than one hundred feet below, you will get a very close view of the unique marine life of Waikiki. The Atlantis XIV is a safety-first, spacious, air-conditioned state of the art vessel. This sixty four passenger sub with huge portholes will allow you to see the beautiful and colorful fish, green sea turtles, sharks, corals, and much much more. Visit sunken ships, airliners, and natural formations full of marine life. Experience the wonders of this dreamy underwater world and cherish these memories for a lifetime. This narrated voyage is a must-do!