ARDA Study Finds that Timeshare Resorts = Happier Vacations

ARDA, American Resort Development Association, recently conducted a study to observe the vacation patterns of timeshare owners vs. the normal traveler. This study was done by the research group Leger and included 1,000 participants.

The study showed that in the last 3 years, 33% of timeshare owners took 4 or more vacations compared to only 18% of non-owners. Timeshare owners proved to have happier and more gratifying vacations.

President/ CEO of ARDA, Howard Nusbaum, stated, “When the cover story in Time Magazine asks ‘Who Killed the Summer Vacation,’ our answer has to be ‘it sure wasn’t the timeshare owner’. Not only do timeshare owners vacation more, they also experience a happier, more relaxing vacation time, usually spent with their loved ones—which we all know is tough to come by with today’s hectic lifestyles.”

Nusbaum was referring to a New York Times article in which a writer described the death of the summer vacation.

The study researched happiness through the 7 “vacation life cycle phases.” From planning the trip to the feeling once the trip is over, timeshare owners experienced higher levels of satisfaction.

Nusbaum continued, “The ease of planning, spacious accommodations, and the ability to choose resorts all over the world all lead to a better overall vacation experience for timeshare owners.”

Participants were surveyed with the questions, what is the most important part of planning your trip. 45% of participants shared that relaxation is the most important aspect of their vacation. For timeshare members, this relaxation begins during the stages of planning and pre-vacation. By knowing that their trip is prepaid by annual fees, members are at ease when it comes to planning their trip.